Bárbara. 19. Brazil.

McFly and Nicola Roberts ruined my life.
The Wanted, P!nk, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer are my cutie patooties too!

I believe that dreams are our most powerful weapons.


urban dictionary has saved me from asking so many awkward questions

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"I am an inferno, I am a tempest. I am venom and fangs and claws. I am lightning and starlight, and I am hell in high heels."

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❝Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.❞


Happy birthday, idiot. [I love you]


It’s Prince George’s first birthday today and within a year he has already become better than all of us. Bow down. 


Have you ever seen brown eyes in the sun? You don’t always notice it at first but you’ll see that ‘brown’ no longer describes them. They melt into golden rays, circling an eclipse. There’s nothing boring about brown eyes, not even when the later hours encroach; they just turn into a sunset of their own. 



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Welcome to the real world, it sucks. You’re gonna love it.

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